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The head of a dead blow hammer is filled with steel shots which can absorb the rebounds of strikes and provide more driving force. Dead blow hammer is covered with polyurethane help to prevent damages surfaces on the working pieces.

Our products are made with a non-sparking material to reduce the risk of sparking in areas. The function of dead blow hammer reduces risk of wrist and elbow injuries and increases working efficiency.



  • Products adapt to temperature from -20℃ to 90℃
  • Steel shots in head minimize rebound and provide driving force
  • Steel internal structure provides strength and resists breaking on overstrike
  • Non-sparking, non-marring
  • Ergonomic TPV grip for non-slip
  • Reduces risks of user’s wrist and elbow injuries while working






Applicable Industry

  • Mold production
  • Assembly production line for vehicles, bicycle and Furniture
  • Gas, chemical engineering, petroleum, sheet metal
  • Maintenance of electrical machinery, naval architecture industry
  • Family DIY tools